Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hi, my name's Ryan Kelley. A lot of people call me R. Kelly, but you can call me Ryan.
Back in 2001, after the first West Side Invite we decided to form a real messnger association. In true democratic fashion we solicited acronym ideas and passed out ballots. PUMA beat WRECK handily. Now that the PUMA site has been redefined as "information relevant to today's Portland messenger" I offer this site as an overflow or auxilliary. I plan on offering items that pertain to the Team Wreck polo team or the Team Wreck mountain bike team and also various biking/messenger/culture links I'm inspired to post. I'm also a big fan of food, the trailblazers, rawk, roadtrips, games, splitting wood, etc., so look for some of that as well.