Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Mountain bike ride
This Sunday, June 3rd, Team WRECK returns to the trails. Meet at Belmont Stumptown/Cowboy's Haus by 8:30 for a 9:00 (sharp) departure. As always the destination is decided by gas money contribution. $1 =1 vote. Possibilities include Brown's Camp, Scappoose, Bingen, Mary's Peak, 3 Corner Rock, Lewis River, Surveyor's Ridge, Fifteen Mile Creek, etc. If it's still hot we could work in a post ride swimming trip.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Hood Rat Classic

Team WRECK continued it's road biking ways this weekend with an epic ride over Lolo Pass.

My Vanilla had to spend the night alone in one of the unfinished condos that Mace and Junko are working on in Hood River.

Our first stop was just down the hill to 10 Speed Coffee where we had some weird, microwaved pita wrap things. A liberal application of Tapatio made them palatable. The 10 speed did offer comfy chairs and knowledgable staff. They had all ridden up the pass before and let us know their favorite routes.

It was a little breezy in the lower valley but the ride through the endless orchards was beautiful.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mace's photo of this old barn. He walked over to a better viewpoint and was probably shooting in black and white. (and holding the camera straight.)

Checking out the barn.

We did most of our miles on FR 1810, a one lane road that seemed more like a footpath at times.

I guess they were serious about that "road closed" sign. We clambered over but Dabby's support car had to turn around.

Taking a break on the washout.

Near the top the road turned to gravel and there was some snow.

After waiting for Mace at the pass we enjoyed an awesome 10 mile descent to Zigzag. We all had big smiles on our faces at the bottom but by this point my stupid camera batteries were dead. So no photos of the hilarity that ensued later that evening, and no proof that we witnessed that rarest of sights, a hornet decapitating a manatee.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grass Flat Track

Chevil's Grass Flat Track series continues tonight and every other Wednesday. May 30, June 13, June 27 etc. Meet at Amnesia on Mississippi by 7pm.

Video by Dabby. Not the most dynamic footage but I like it because it shows me in front. Though I'm sure that's exactly where Chevil wanted me to be at that moment.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Rickreall Closed

Drew in Newberg.

Building Brady's bike. We got a late start (surprise!) in part because Brady showed up with a new bike in pieces, and they didn't all fit together. Eventually Brian had the bright idea that we should put the new bike on the car and assemble it at our leisure and Brady could ride his track bike down.

I suggested a Lemans start but no one was into it.

Following Peaches over the Hawthorne

Fixing another flat.

Brett and Mason in a heated discussion.

The Ringer and a field of clover.

This was a familiar view, Drew was at the front a lot. Note the pint of whisky in the jersey pocket.

That's me!

The wind made it a much harder ride than it should have been. Here we see Team World Courier utilizing the echelon formation.

Poor Natty was stuck in the car with Dabby all day.

Mason on the Wheatland Ferry.

Backward circles on the ferry.

A magical strech of road through Spring Valley.

Mason goes back to look for Tommy.

A pioneer graveyard on Oak Grove Rd.


"Where am I and how did they make this road?!?"

Mmmmm, corned beef.

Brady in repose.

Building Brady's bike, part 2.

Sensei and Grasshopper.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Hood Rat Classic

My boy Mace, a long time Team WRECK member, is throwing an event in Hood River May18-20. We're driving out Friday night for a party in HR then riding Saturday morning up the old Lolo Pass Road (which Mace is pretty sure is mostly paved) over Mt. Hood to a cabin near Welches. It's only about 45 miles but there may be some climbing involved. Everyone is welcome, let me know if you want to reserve a seat on the team bus.

UPDATE : It looks like Beefa might get the green light to accompany us this weekend so this could qualify as a Deathmarch...we'll see.