Thursday, October 30, 2008

An expansion of the brand

Rev. Phil, provocateur.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA Update!

I was a little bummed at how the Trailblazers started the season but this more than makes up for it. My favorite Canadian NBA geek podcast is now a video podcast!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Links

"I believe WRAPZ will benefit everyone in sports and everyday life."

Michael Jordan
Athlete Of The Century

I'd like to thank Wrapz for aiding my speedy recovery from the latest knee sprain. I hesitated in the aisles of Rite-Aid. It seemed like a lot to pay for a glorified ice pack, but Michael Jordan's smiling visage won me over and I wasn't sorry for long.

Did Dwight Jaynes get on the prozac? He offers a very optimistic season preview.

Milkshake has a blog!

Oh shit, we made the Urban Dictionary.

I was googling where to find fresh tortillas in Independence when I ran across this great memoir by Martha Gies, an old friend of my Mom's.
I found the tortillas, by the way, not far from Green Villa at Caniceria mi Casita. 25 of them, homemade that day. Plus a pound of excellent flank steak, a fat avocado, a bunch of garlic, a lime, an onion and a huge bunch of cilantro all for less than $7. Screw West Salem, Independence is where it's at.

Yet another Team WRECK

From a Times article on the global financial crisis :

Aleksander Kluzniak, its chief lobbyist, said he saw no need for a regulatory clampdown on derivatives , like a registry of hedging positions...
“I doubt it would lead to the required results. New types of derivatives or trading techniques would emerge that were not subject to this regulation,” Mr. Kluzniak said.

Just like in pro cycling. Why test for performance enhancing drugs when the racers will just move on to the next one? Floyd Landis = Merrill Lynch = Bill Bellicheck

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Team WRECK Holiday Party

Don't miss the first ever Team WRECK holiday party.

 Saturday, Nov. 22nd at Mace and Junko's house, on SE 62nd S. of Powell.

You may have some questions, such as "what time?" "address?", "is it formal?", "what should I bring?" and "will there be a bunch of jerks I can't stand there?" Probably. For the rest, ask Mace or check back later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tim Mason's first attempt at video editing. He asks "don't be too harsh"

My constructive criticism....
tilt the helmet cam up a few degrees, I want to see the trail ahead
your decent 9 minutes could be cut to an exciting 3 minutes
I liked the commentary in the beginning ditch segment. Maybe get someone else to film you and the crowd
I wasn't sure about the music at first but I realized it matches Drew's cadence on the Fat Chance and works well during the woods helmet cam segment near the end

NBA preview

I've been reading a lot of NBA preview pieces but the one that really stands out is from FreeDarko, a preview of every single game in the entire season.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zipping Through the Treetops

Step 1 : Build mountain bike trails, a pump track, tree platforms and zip lines.
Step 2 : .....
Step 3 : Profit

“Early systems were very primitive,” he said, “basically a mattress tied to a tree.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wood party

With the onset of fall I felt a need to replenish the woodshed. I invited some friends down, Dabby, Disco and the Ringer. They helped me split and move 3 truckloads of seasoned oak.

I let Jaden drive the Blue Honey.

His first time in reverse. 

We got tired of stacking wood and decided to add to the skills course in the annex.

The Ringer at work.

Dabby on a test ride.

the giant killer

The NYT profiles Dave Wiens. Didn't I tell you endurance mountain biking was the new fixed gear?

Armstrong, who finished nearly two minutes behind him, said he had never in his career told another cyclist he was done during a race

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Never Forget the Feeling

I saw Chase Orrick's premiere last year in Durango and it was awesome, this looks even better.


NOISE! Jacob Furniss writes a love note to PUMA
"To all that ride one speed bikes, like to keep dirt under their tires and don't suck at life...
Saturday, October 18th, for those not familiar, the ride will feature some of, but not all of, and certainly more than the following:Single track,Booze drinking,Sweet jumps,Park shredding,Public urination,Cheap beer,Chevil wasted,Swag,Condemned buildings,A skeleton skinsuit,Joy and prosperity,Primus,A Canadian (it's an international event),Roadie mocking,Racing,After party,Human sacrafice,Feats of strength,And a really fucking sweet belt.
Meet at The Fresh Pot (4001 N. Mississippi Ave.) at high noon!"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Veloshop Rickreall Rampage pt.6

I like these three shots of Bridget, who won the Women's A race. Look how she's back on the bike by the middle of the bridge,

dropping in smoothly,

and already applying the power as she hits the flat. Textbook.

The two routes through the polo court worked out well. I was hoping it would be cold and wet and we could have a giant bonfire but the weather turned out hot and dusty.

I think that's Jennifer behind the sunglasses. If so, she helped with the trails, swinging a mean machete.

Tiahdactyl navigates makeout clearing. I think that's Megan behind her, who was part of Project Underpass.

Drew reported that Timmy rode the RWD each lap and finished with a wheelie drop each time.

This guy was smooth over the RWD

I saw several crashes but this was the only one  I captured on film.

Baby Beefa challenged Tiahdactyl to a game of "pawns"

The Oregon Manifest

I'm still not sure what the Oregon Manifest is but I'll find out Friday night. Sacha called a few days ago to ask to borrow my Strawberry track bike for his exhibit. Of course I've never been able to say no to Sacha so I superushed it right up. In return I get a free pass to the show, so I'll be there before heading to Big Al's Ball at Dante's, featuring the return of the Moxy Love Crux.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Who's laughing now?

When Jaden was trying to talk me into buying an Xbox 360 he described it as an investment. I laughed at the time but I just realized that if, instead of investing in the stock market, I had purchased 100 Xbox from Wal-Mart, opened them all, played each once and then sold them on Craig's List I would have come out ahead of where I am now. Cue Nelson Muntz, Ha, ha!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Doom writes in :

what's up just checked out the team wreck page 
so sweet the course looks so killer!
well i just want to know if you will be gracing us with your presence this year for the rally???
it's going to be off the hook
and i really hope you can make it out
so as always i miss you all so much 
seeing those pictures of everyone, damn such a great crew...................
bring people!!!
also i'm very seriuosly considering coming out for the single speed cross worlds
hells yeah

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rickreall Rampage pt. 5

video by Uncle Bill

Friday, October 03, 2008


I just came back from a fun 2 day field trip with Jaden's class to Mt. St Helens. This photo was taken deep in the Ape Caves.

When we got to the Johnstone observatory there were signs warning of a toad migration. We found this little guy languishing in a sea of ashalt and gave him a careful lift onward to the pumice.

Jaden forces a smile as we set up the tents in steady rain.

A rare glimpse of the sun on the way up to Johnstone.

I'd like to give props to my study group and campsite group. 
Especially the 8th grade tent for the guitar stylings and instant mashed potatos and also Richelle, I knew our skit would be funny but she took it over the top.