Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Team Wreck Yacht Club

We finally brought Grace O'Malley down the Columbia and up the Willamette.

Spence was kind enough to hook me up with two of his sailor buddies, Nate and Chris. In addition to their charming, old-timey style they have a lot of nautical experience, including stints on the Lady Washington.

I was glad they were along when, 20 minutes into the voyage, the tiller delaminated and broke off at the base. Luckily we were in the middle of the river and nothing was close by or it could have been ugly. We all stayed pretty calm and soon enough located some hose clamps and twine, lashed it together and kept going. Yikes!

Justine at the helm, approaching the Broadway Bridge.

Attempting to look intrepid.

A working river.

Chris on VHF channel 13, hoping to cause the Hawthorne bridge to raise.

Success! Under the bridge and we were quickly tied up at Grace's new home, Riverplace marina, where we'll be most afternoons, rebedding and caulking every single deck fitting in an attempt to slow down the leaks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Death Sleepover and Wine Tour

The Winter Deathmarch underwent some changes due to weather concerns, lack of interest and general wussiness. No camping or hiking, but a few team mates came down to the farm for a mini holiday party. Milkshake and Misia made some righteous gumbo featuring huge king crab legs, Justine made an excellent chocolate cake featuring wild cherries we packed in amaretto and vodka in the summer. There was speed scrabble and boggle and a midnight mystery hike. The next day we did a little gravel road tour, visiting Firesteed winery for a tasting then riding to Baskett Slough and hiking to the top of the butte.

Nice light over the slough. photo by Justine.

We saw a pair of bald eagles at the top. Disco insisted they were crows but I think he may be wrong this time.

I think we were trying to spell out Team Wreck.

A few of the many poses struck by the Tiahdactyl.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009