Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad Day at Coffin Butte Landfill

My multiyear plan to clean out the garage and shed finally culminated in the maiden voyage of the Blue Honey and it was not a happy one.

I did get one large load of stuff dumped but then she wouldn't start. Why didn't I just leave it running? I don't know. She had started right up when I stopped at the post office and gas station in Rickreall.
I jiggled the battery wires and tried it in park and neutral then called Uncle Bill. He suggested I let the starter cool down and try it every 15 minutes. So I sat there for over an hour while an unending line of trucks dumped the detritus of the mid-valley area. Several giant bulldozers with spiky steel wheels prowled around the whole time. Whenever they got close the ground would vibrate. The air was filled with thick garbage dust and the wind whipped it about, creating new scent combinations all the time. Flies and yellow jackets were thick, poor Natty's ears were constantly twitching. She finally retreated to the floorboards and tried to hide under her tail. I briefly entertained the idea of just leaving the truck and hiking out, across the endless hills of entombed and plumbed garbage. Instead I called Aunt Karen and she graciously arranged for a tow truck and came to pick us up. That's the second time she's rescued me in the last month. Thanks Karen!

I never knew this machine existed. I always assumed garbage just traveled in garbage trucks.

Natty was not amused. The smells must have been even smellier for her.


One of many events Team WRECK will be attending on our upcoming road trip.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Photos

I found my card reader so here are some photos from Disco and Matty's wedding. I didn't take any of these, I handed off my cameras to Jaden and Dabby and they took a bunch of good shots. I'll post some more later.

This old sequoia loomed over the Flavel House in Astoria.

Beefa, Dabby, Belvis and I were ushers. We handed out programs and helped the grandmas to their seats.

Junko, Mace and Shino arrive from their journey up the coast.

Jaden schmoozes the ring bearers.

Dabby was enthusiastic about his tie, I'm not so sure.

El Jefe and Claire.

Look at those straight teeth. Money well spent.

Beefa looks for any excuse to wear a leather trenchcoat.

It doesn't get much more rock and roll than this.

Some townies crashed the wedding.

What a handsome couple.

I wasn't sure about the choice of ring bearer but Charlie came through.

Moonie was somewhat less well behaved.

Mace looks for an angle while Natalie reads poetry.

Some dudes.

The happy couple.

The lovely bride.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A complete lack of wedding photos

I had a great time at Disco and Matty's wedding. Jaden took hundreds of photos, some of them good, but I can't find my memory card reader so they are trapped in silicon for now. In the meantime please enjoy some random images that have been accumulating on my desktop.

Uncle Bill and his faithful cat Bungie.

I'm not sure how I ended up with this photo but it must have been taken right before the opening alleycat of the Westside, and apparently I'm having a minor seizure out of nervousness.

This photo was from an article on how playing cricket messes up peoples bodies. Look for a similar expose on bike polo in about 20 years.

This must be fake but I still find it amusing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Trip!

I've been threatening this for a while, now it's official. I've had interest from Lucky, Rev. Phil and Dabby (a motley crew I know but gas money is gas money) now is the time to back it up. The first 3 to give me a $100 deposit have a reserved seat. I may even trade the Green Hornet in on a newer diesel or hybrid, we'll see.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

weekend wrapup

If you took any good photos of the Westside Invite be sure to submit them to the Flickr Group.

Natasha and Sofia on the way to play frisbee golf with the polo haus crew. I was +16 when I stopped keeping track but I still had a good time. My frisbee throwing muscles are a little sore today though, and I really have to practice that forehand throw.

We made it to the 'Poose on Sunday. Timmy, Dabby, Sweet T. and Natasha. No corndogs once again. Sweet T. had a feeling about the Handy Food Mart behind Montgomery park but it was a wash. We're beginning to realize that on Sunday mornings it's pretty hard to find a corndog, much less a decent one. That's why Brown's camp is always such a good destination. That little store outside of Timber has the best corndogs in the region, in my humble opinion. I'm sure they sell a lot of them to all those ATVers going up highway 6.

Timmy spotted this ant nest (or is it hive?). I've seen them made out of dirt but never pine needles. Creepy.

Dabby broke a branch off a pine tree with his eyeball. Where are your safety glasses?

Dabby wanted me to take a pic so he could see how it looked. I don't see much of a difference.

Timmy won this Castelli skinsuit for getting second in the tag team alleycat. I offered to pay part of his race fees for the cross season if he would print Team WRECK across the stomach and the back of the legs. We'll see if he goes for it.

Here's Timmy hitting a little gap. I didn't get the correct perspective on it. It's scarier than he made it look.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Return to the 'Poose.

TW heads back to the 'Poose tomorrow (Sunday) for a pre-polo shred fest. Meet at the Polo Haus by 10am (sharp).

London Calling

Here's a Lucas Brunelle video I hadn't seen from the London Calling race. The music is pretty bad but the riding is incredible. I would never take risks like that.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Westside Update 4

Today was all about polo. Dabby had my camera for much of the day and between us we took 400 pictures. Here are a few that caught my eye. I'll post more as I sort through them.
Peter bailing out.

Gary and Irving, two masters of the controlled skid.


Drew triumphant.

Ah, the glory.
Seems like it's becoming tradition for the losing team to wrestle the winning team down and douse them in beer. Maybe it's a Seattle thing.

Messman's bike snapped during the finals. As Joel said "That's what you get for attaching a disc brake to a beer can"

All hail the Lord C-Murder.

Bjorn got his foot caught in the wheel. Ouch.

Bjorn bent this seatstay with his foot.

Dabby goes down.