Thursday, December 20, 2012

Announcing Quarterly Death Marches

That's right, I'm scheduling four Death March events for 2013. 
March 22-24
June 21-23
September 20-22
December 20-22

These dates are a little flexible. If a key team member has a brother getting married the same day I would consider a reschedule. The main point is I want to be locked into at least four fun camping trips next year.
Possible destinations:
Alvord Desert
Drift Creek wilderness
Spelunking at the Oregon Caves
Plains of Abraham, Mt. St. Helens (we tried this once, got rained out and were saved by the miraculous advent of Tarpytown)
I'd love to do a winter DM where we snowshoe up a mountain and build a snow cave, I've never done that.

Please leave your ideas in the comments.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter DeathMarch pt. 2

 If it's got the Bass Pro Shop seal you know it's good.

 Some members of our party thought we were tracking a bear. It turned out to be a dog, but his name was Bear, so I guess we were all right.

                                                    A creepy old mine shaft.

                                                    Snow spider!
Mace, his log, and some old mine equipment.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Final Deathmarch

All photos by Cory the Kid.

  The Kid was worried it might not be hard enough so he suggested we carry some logs.

 Did we climb this hill? I have no idea because I forgot the map.

 We trudged through a winter wonderland all afternoon.

The payoff was a cozy little campsite near these falls.