Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bust a bucket

Huge game for the Trailblazers tonight. It's been a tough series to watch though I have developed a grudging respect for the Rockets. They play great team basketball. I've always rooted for Rick Adelman (Chemeketa Community College, woot!) and Aaron Brooks, due to the Oregon connection. I've also enjoyed (in a masochistic kind of way) the defensive clinic put on by Battier and Artest. I am not a fan, however of Luis Scola and his headband or Yao and his giant pouty face.

These could only be Rudy's kix.

If you're not sure what his shirt means watch this video:

If the season does end tonight at least I can start thinking about ways KP could scheme to land Ricky Rubio in the draft.

All pictures stolen from courtesy of Blazers Edge, the best Blazers blog ever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

a walk around the woods

The lime truck was speeding around this morning.

Unexpected colors.

I gave Dabby free reign to rework the Sarlac section, thinking he couldn't make it any worse.

They limed our bumps!

Do you see the cat in the middle? There must be a lot of feral cats around, I see them almost everyday and it's always a different one.

This oak transplant is a survivor. Can you believe it's three years old? Every year I think it's dead but it always comes back strong.

I've planted quite a few chestnuts from B&K's old tree. This is the first that survived the squirrels and sprouted. Of course it's 2 feet from where I planted a fir tree so one will have to go.

Future site of the Fern Berm. I just need 20 wheelbarrow loads of dirt.

Can anyone name this flower for me?

The raccoons may have won a battle by eating all the fish and shredding the top part of the liner but the war is not over. Plans are in the notebook for a new, re-engineered and raccoon proof pond.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carpe Dirtem

Jaden implementing phase one of Project NW Corner.

Which consisted of taking the left half of this juniper out to give the raspberries more room and the new corn bed more sun.

Jaden has done a lot of sawing, with whatever crappy, bent saws we have lying around. His eyes were opened when he tried The Kid's Sugoi saw. I believe the quote was "This thing is sweet, we have to get one". Also, note the custom Martell Webster jersey.

Dabby came down on the train to do some digging. The grass field was being plowed and harrowed so we moved some of that good, loose dirt from the edge to form pump bumps connecting the ditch to the Sarlac Pit section. This time we tried 130 inches between peaks, which seems about right to me.

I bought myself an early birthday present. I'd been riding Milkshake's 24" cruiser for a week and getting really comfortable on it but it developed a few mysterious creaks and I was worried it would disintegrate. So I got my own, I like it even better than MS's Schwinn. It's steel rather than aluminum, the top tube is a little longer and the tires have a lot more volume. The U-brake hardly works at all, though, not sure what I was thinking there. I guess bmx bikes aren't supposed to stop. I'm getting used to the slammed seat on the bumps but I will say it makes it really hard to carry a shovel or beer in one hand.

I notice a shared aestheic in several of my vehicles. Silver and black, rugged and utilitarian.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Mid-Valley Taqueria Review

Martha's Tacos and More --- 8/10
Excellent. Huge homemade tortillas. Usually I order 3 or 4 tacos, at Martha's 2 is plenty. Free chips and salsa, great small town atmosphere. Mexican cokes but no horchata or guava juice.

Carniceria Mi Casita --- 6/10
Independence, Highway 51 N. of town
I've been buying tortillas here for some time, they recently added a taco cart during lunch hours. The tacos are smallish and the asada sometimes a little chewy but there's a great condiment bar and the owners are super nice. I've been "amigo" from day one. Mexican cokes and guava but no horchata.

JR's Taqueria --- 4/10
Salem, Fairgrounds and Winter
I'd read some rave reviews of Jr's on eatsalem.com but two visits in I'm not seeing it. The tacos were decent but nothing I'd go out of my way for. There is a nice view of an old stone church though. M. cokes but no guava or horchata.

Up next :
Luis's Taqueria, Woodburn (Obama ate here!)
Taqueria La Roca, Dallas
Los Dos Hermanos Salvadoran Restaurant, Keizer

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

STBABR pt. 3

Rev. Phil had some project where he was asking people to write down quotes from the weekend. These were my favorite three, mostly because they sound so dirty when taken out of context.

"Are you wearing anything softer under that?"

"have I told you about the land clam?"

"I don't know what type of penises you've been exposed to..."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I bought a copy of the Sunday Oregonian, mostly so I would have something to start fires with, but I found several articles of interest which I will now forward to you in electronic form.

Sometimes teammate T-Bone gets more press, a look at solitary oak trees and a somewhat less interesting look at the Willamette Stone, an obscure park that has featured in a few of my alleycats.

Also I'm adding this to my queue : Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Monday, April 13, 2009

I can't wait for the NBA playofs!

The last 5 seconds are gold.

B. Rex!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tiahdactyl's capsule review of the weekend, via facebook :

Speed Scrabble is where its at. Paris-Roubaix is crazy. Mace does fire jumps the best. Carnita tacos!!! Phil's "fashion". Blazers winning the game. So many dogs! The ditch. Mountain biking/hiking.Corndogs. Chili dogs. R.Kelley hosting great get togethers. New friends/old friends. Beer.

Plus : photos from last week of Dabby crashing.

Sweet T's birthday

Another lovely weekend at the farm. About 15 people and 6 dogs showed up for Sweet T's birthday. We rode the trails at Black Rock and sessioned the ditchstyle. We watched the Trailblazers beat the Lakers Friday night and Tom Boonen beat the field at Paris-Roubaix Sunday afternoon. There was speed scrabble and bocce ball and a bonfire. A special thanks to all who provided or prepared all the delicious food we ate. Carnitas, guacamole, french toast, chili dogs, breakfast tacos, strawberries, a salad with pumpkin seeds and finally leftover vegetable soup Sunday night. Yum.

I've been trying to get some glamour shots for my home exchange listing. I might try again in a few days when the cherries are in full bloom.

I don't usually take dance party photos but Tiahdactyl took these so I'm cool with posting them. I'm not sure what Mace was dancing to but I like to think it was DJ Mujava.

This must be some kind of krunk move.

Rev. Phil's outfit got a little attention from the bros at Blackrock but he backed it up with some sweet riding. He has an abundance of the two most important qualities in a downhill biker, confidence and a willingness to crash and endure pain. At one point I looked up and he was riding a skinny log a few feet above me. I pointed out there was a big drop off coming up and he bunny hopped off into the trail in front of me, smooth.

The Kid was having fun.

On the edge of the Annex.

The Kid always seemed to have a pack of dogs chasing him around.

Rev. Phil getting ready for Easter dinner with Bjorn's parents.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Guest Post : Rev. Phil

Listen WRECKers, I gotta come clean.

I was a pretty sizeable (as in fat kid) Blazer fan during my adolescence. My heart was broken and I stayed away from most pro ball since http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=med9nvhCkao

For the next 6months every time I watched a clip of basketball somehow the editors found a reason to include Jordan's "who me?" shrug.

This was the beginning of the end for my ability to stay sane. What happened afterward might be a little contentious. Was it the new arena? Was it a new coach? for whatever reasons something changed and the Blazers were a different team. One that I had decided to turn my back on.

Either way ive been broken since the early 90s. and i know im not alone! Does anyone else hear the sting of hopelessness in Steve the Snapper Jones' voice when talking about how good the blazers were playing against the Lakers? Even the cheezy feel good music cant stop the pain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFejPBiplgI

Nice try Mr Jones, just how big of a pillow do you cry yourself to sleep on?


I guess this is more relevant:

I want to be able to watch the Blazers and not think murderous thoughts. This is Sweet-T Birthday weekend. Maybe this Friday against the Lakers I can get my introspective psychology on in a way that doesn't leave me trying to bury myself under a berm. Besides bodies don't pack as well as dirt.

Does anyone need some Duckworth-era memorabilia? I feel the need to purge my fan-boy corpse of some posters and things.

reverend phil
bike pornographer

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Mace has some good pictures from the farm on his Flickr page.

I hadn't checked the SSWC Durango page in a while, lots of updates!
spends much of his time roosting greater Europe and considers it “a great place to ride over historic places”
I'm planning on driving out in September if anyone wants to reserve a seat it's a $50 deposit unless your name rhymes with Gabby McSmashalot in which case the deposit is $500 but you're still welcome.

I finally signed up for HomeExchange. I still have to add pictures and the text is a little rough, I was trying to follow the tone of the other ads and sell the strengths of the property, let me know if you have any suggestions. I know I'll have to clean, replace some light fixtures, pack stuff away, etc. but if this nets me a summer at a chalet in the Alps it's worth it.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Black Rock Fundraiser

Black Rock Fundraiser, April 26

NEW THIS YEAR, bring your bike, everyone is welcome to come to the Oregon State Fair grounds after the raffle for our first Jump-Jam. The Oregon State Fair and BRMBA are hosting an Open House at the covered dirt jumps and pump track located in the 4-H barn off Silverton Road.

I might check this out. I'd like to support the BRMBA and it seems like a good chance to schmooze with people who know how to build pump tracks and who might have access to a backhoe or bulldozer.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

First trail ride of the season

These first 3 were taken by Dabby. We scouted the Dallas Trails but ended up getting lost and doing a lot of climbing on gravel roads. The 3 sections of singletrack we did find were pretty sweet though. A return trip is warranted, possibly with a GPS or at least a better map.

Mace and Milkshake right before they realized the gravel road I had been leading them down was a dead end.

Back at the farm we BBQed and rode the Annex until sunset and then enjoyed some rousing games of speed scrabble.
Mace dropping into the ditchstyle.

Dabby casing it.

Milkshake hitting the newly relocated teeter totter option off the North ridgeline.

Mace blasting off for the moon.

Photo by Dabby.
Mace called this the best photo ever taken by Dabby and I tend to agree, it could almost be a TW logo.