Friday, April 04, 2008

Snuggle Pony put out to pasture pt. 2

Update : Here are some pictures from Ellen.

I bailed early from Cowboy's retirement party. It was a great crowd and lots of fun. Nerf took a bunch of video so maybe we'll see some of that in the future. There was an impromptu alleycat that took us to Ankeny's, the Yamhill, 200 Market, the Hell House and the Pine St. House, then back to the XV. I rode hard and came in with my arms raised, somewhat sure of victory, only to see the smiling face of Tad the Champ. Zak was next, then Drew(on a cruiser) and Cory the Kid. I think, there may have been someone else in there. When everyone had finished Cowboy announced awards in the other room. When everyone was gathered he declared that we were all losers for being couriers and he was keeping the money. This was extra funny when he tried to pay for a round of drinks later and found his girlfriend had taken the money home. Ha ha.
I'll miss seeing Cowboy during the work day but I have high hopes that his love of (mountain) biking will be reinvigorated and he will be an integral part of Team WRECK this season as we attempt some epic cross country rides.

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Anonymous said...

soo bizarre that i'm not going see cowboy downtown - it was always such a givin that he would be there-the man gets a perfect attendence award,love mange.