Thursday, September 17, 2009

No boats or love in these pictures!

The cats seem to think we've arranged for the filberts to fall for their enjoyment. 13 acres of cat toys!

Sunset through the Hinoki.

I was going to eject this spider from the house but then it caught a yellow jacket. I guess the enemy of my enemy must be my friend.

Wood chips plus goat manure equals strange fungus.


mace said...

Cool pics! The first one makes me dizzy to look at. Oh, I hate squirrels!! They ate my hammock, now I'm done with the rodents!!

filbert said...

Hinoki + sunset picture is wonderful. And I agree on the spider. Watch for the pale yellow ones in the garden. They catch yellow-jackets without benefit of webs, and defeat them in single combat!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the wood chip bags that they use to control run off in the street generally have spores in them?

I forget what they are supposed to do, but they impregnate the spores into the wood chips for a specific reason.