Saturday, October 10, 2009

a walk around

Strawberries in October? Thank you genetic science.

The tomatoes are mostly done though.

I thought I didn't like kale but it turned out I wasn't using enough bacon grease.

The winter beds. We emptied every single clod of dirt, found and patched the holes in the mesh where the voles were getting in, refilled the beds with new dirt and compost and planted radishes, mustard greens, cabbage and more.

Natty's eyebrows.

My killing team has kicked it into high gear. It's been an endless parade of mice, shrews, snakes, dragonflies, a few birds and the occasional worm. Next up : voles, moles, gophers and squirrels.


Cory said...

faster pussycat kill kill!!!

filbert said...

How will we ever recognize the bad black (and white) cat with your four and our one (who likes to hang out across the road)?