Sunday, November 08, 2009


Warning : Despite the placid begining there are pictures of two different dead animals later on in this post, a rat and a deer. So if you are squeamish about such things maybe skip this one.

Sweet T, Mace, Milkshake and Boston came down for a weekend. We shredded the pump track and had a blast at Blackrock.

Martell and his rat butt.

We checked out cross races in Wilsonville and Salem. My verdict? Still dumb. What's with all the getting off and running?

Possible witch.
Graybeard Natty.

Memento mori.

She appears alert because I mentioned squirrels.

The hot tub is sweet. Now I just need a drain, cover and deck with bench, covered towel hooks and wood storage.


drew said...

team wreck trading cards of ms and st

revphil said...

if we are doing trading cards i choose my sweet jump over, then crash into the road as I turned to understand what you were saying.

ill have my team work it into a illustration series? maybe a tranding card flip book.