Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farm Party + Sweet T's birthday

Dropping into the ditchstyle.

Here's Joel showing us a thing or two about siphoning.

Sweet T, getting ready to sell some shoes.

Dabby's sketchy start ramp finally caves in while Billy is riding it.

Natty had the most fun of anyone, acting as the fun police on a herd of dogs, Kalu, Inyo, Hodges and Bean.
Timmy doing a hot lap of the Berms of Endearment trail. Current world record : 13.9 seconds.


Milkshake said...

Son of a bitch! Billy and Joel?! hahaha.

Older Than Dirt said...

Yeah, made me feel like a youngster....

revphil said...

then weeks later team wreck goes international?!?

the dolomite and the machiene?!?

missing the cascadian love