Monday, September 27, 2010

The Oakridge Shred

Elements of Team Wreck and Team Cthulhu journeyed to Oakridge last weekend. We rode Alpine, the lower 18 miles of the Middle Fork of the Willamette trail and Larrisson Rock.

Great trails and great times. Big ups to Beefa for the White River Chile Stew, Boston for the storytelling, Brandon for the shuttling, Spencer for the youthful enthusiasm,JBone for his magical bin and Milkshake for pulling it all together.

We had to climb over a landslide to get to the top of the Alpine Trail. It was worth it.

Milkshake and Spencer may look disaffected here but actually we all got along quite well.

The view from the top of Larrison Rock.

Boston catching some air.

We took a wrong turn and ran into this weird shrine way up a fire road.

Survey marker at the top of Larrison Rock.

For more and better photos check Milkshake's blog,
where he asks the question "What do vodka and four loko taste like together?"


Steve said...

That was great fun. Why do you let me drink so much?

revphil said...

i think zoobombers call that drink "danger juice"

as opposed to 4 loco and rum which produces "pirate juice"

i had some with burbon and ginger last night. made for a hyper bar action!