Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring Death March

First reschedule! Looks like I'm working the weekend of March 22-24 and the Rickreall Gravel Classic is April 6 so I'm bumping the Spring Deathmarch to April 19-21.

Based on advice from integral team mate Mace I'm considering a trip to the desert, continuing our quest to visit Crack in the Ground and Hole in the Ground. We attempted this journey many years ago and had several adventures along the way, including meeting a very strange family camped by a dry lake, spelunking in ice caves, driving backwards at a high rate of speed and the now infamous tent peeing episode. We can do better! If you have ideas or suggestions please leave a comment.


cory said...

Nice graphic here- like a kid with his toys you are just playing around with the deathmarch schedule...bwah ha ha ha!!!

Next Wave New Age said...

we also camped in the biggest N.A. volcanic hotspot around.

Anonymous said...

I'm down for Crack in the ground and Hole in the ground on the way, driving backwards even. I can get the 12th off, not able to get 19th off unless I call in sick, not wanting to do that. Let me know.