Monday, February 17, 2014

MWD 14 : Crossing the Dune Sea!

We managed to produce a fairly epic little deathmarch this weekend, we hiked from Tahkenitch Creek to Three Mile Lake, spending a night in the dunes.

All photos by Cory the Kid.

The weather cooperated, in that it was raining heavily at times with high wind anywhere without tree cover. We were drenched before we made it past the kiosk in the parking lot.


Despite studying the rather simple map we still managed to get lost.

The forest trail was lovely, huge trees, rhododendrons, crazy fungus, lots of newts and occasional views of the ocean.

This angry pig was guarding the trail.

Leaving the forest cover for the first dune crossing was quite an experience, lots of sand and water going sideways at a high rate of speed. It reminded me of the 'white squall' experience we had on that ride up the Nestucca. Dabby, you know what I'm talking about.

We were aiming for Three Mile Lake but after getting lost in the gathering dark (classic team wreck) we decided to pitch camp in a little hollow protected by trees. After getting a tarp up and building a fire it was pretty cozy.
Mace went off on his own solo hike late at night and had some interesting experiences, maybe I can get him to write a guest post.

 The next morning we found the lake.

That was a beautiful place, I look forward to going back some sunny day, the dunes would make a top notch extreme bocce court.

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