Monday, November 05, 2007

Viva Durango pt. 6

These photos are all from Monday. Doom invited us to visit him at the site of the mansion he is building. We brought him some coffee and cookies from ABC. Doom commanded us "Every day you wake up in Mancos you have to go to ABC", and we did. By far the best (and possibly the only) cafe in Mancos, it offered me several superb breakfasts including delicious bacon, many cheap day old pastries and decent to fair coffee, though I may be spoiled living in Portland.
Most of these photos are by Phil, the rest are by Dabby...except the ones Phil and Dabby are both in, those are by me.
I'd love to put in an outdoor kitchen like this, only not so large.

Doom explaining how he spent forever installing all the custom glass pieces and the difficulties of getting everything to fit just right.

These panels that are going inside have to match those that are going outside, rusty. So when it doesn't rain Doom and his crew urinate on them.

Mesa Verde, our next destination.
This was a pretty sketchy moment, he was going fast and taking up both lanes.

Doom's worksite is somewhere in the middle distance. I could pick out the dark green grass of the airstrip with the naked eye but not in this photo.

Possible glamour shot.

Dabby almost flushed these deer into the path of an oncoming truck.

We didn't have time to take the tour of these cliff dwellings but we got some good views as we rode around a loop and checked out various pit dwellings. Some of them were pretty sweet, I'm considering adding a kiva down at the farm.

My team mates soaking up some knowledge.

The Chimney House.
We didn't spend nearly enough time at Mesa Verde but I'll be back to check it out later.
We made it back to Mancos in time to meet Doom for a trip to the Phil's World trails outside Cortez.

I got pulled over for 62 in a 55 even though the 65 sign was in view. My papers were in order and he let me go with a warning.

At Phil's World, the Ribcage at sunset was epic.

The Sleeping Ute from Phil's World.

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revphil said...

omg I should get paid to document Team WRECK events.

Nice work on remembering all that... and we had dinner on the town with Baily and (CRAP I FORGOT HER NAME!) anyway they were delightful and the world famous salad bar was actually good.

and then capped it with the sideshow of the crazy shit doom and Baily been up to for the past couple years. lord I love me a rattle can tour.

did we take enough pictures to make a part7?