Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fox writes in

Fox writes in :
Attention denizens of Portland.
Ambassador Fox, formerly of the Land of Ports and currently stationed in the City of San Francisco, is scheduled to make a visit on the weekend before New Years, and very possibly will spend the Eve there, along with a number of other dignitaries (read: "Bike Messengers"). A race is in the works and Ambassador Fox sincerely hopes you and your cool self can participate. Whether to race, or to run a checkpoint (read: "hang out with me in a coffeeshop/ bar"), or even to heckle folks involved in either (cough, Brady), it should be aight (read: "hella tight, yo"). the race is planned to involve all four quadrants of the city, and while it will definitely NOT be as fucked up as the 1st Annual Fox Thursday Alleycat (sorry, NeRf), it will be kinda fucked up. I am sure you noble citizens of Portland are curious and want to know exactly HOW, but....but.... you'll just have to wait. Please RSVP so I can plan the race accordingly. With sincere hope and humble gratitude, I remain, your obedient servant. See you all soon, Fox.

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