Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rip city, baby.

I watched the Trailblazers defeat the Toronto Raptors last night for their 9th win in a row. I also saw the first game of the streak and got this free shirt as part of Hannukah night.

What a great time to be a long suffering Blazer fan. The team is playing so well together and it seems like B. Roy can take over a game whenever he wants to. Check out this Jordanesque move he puts on Chris Bosh.

"That was a hell of a move," coach Nate McMillan said with a big grin after the game. "It was really like that Michael Jordan move in the Finals against the Lakers. It happened so fast, it was like 'Did he just do that?' You know? Just an unbelievable move, and I think the crowd was surprised because it took them a while to react like all of us -- 'Did we just see what he just did?' "

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