Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot tub party

I'm one step closer to being a king of leisure.

Phase 17 of site prep. Dabby and I dug down 2 feet and filled it with gravel. Then I rented a plate compacter and whacked it down, then we dug in some cinder blocks, leveled them and whacked it down again. Then we set 6"X6"s on the blocks and the hot tub on top of that. I turned out level and very sturdy, which is good as the full tub weighs over 5000 pounds.

Big thanks to my custom carpenter crew : Devon, Sam and Justin. They did a great job for a fair price. I'll get some detail pics if it ever stops raining.

Yes, I got four kittens. Filbert, Fig, Marty and Ghostface.

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revphil said...

is James Brown coming to Rkelly Celebrity Hot Tub Party?