Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scenes from the Polk County Fair

City boy and mountain man.

4H kids taking their goats to auction.

Horses seem a little outmoded to me. Sure, they were of great use for a portion of our history but now I see them as a luxury item. We don't eat them or use their milk, most people use them for pleasure or status. Though many are still used to herd and drive cattle a lot of ranchers use ATVs instead. I'm sure some Luddites still use them to pull wagons, plows, carts, harvest timber, etc. OK, maybe horses aren't outmoded but I still think they're overrated.

She makes a compelling case.

6 for 6.That's a $5 dollar penguin.

One of the founders of Oak Grove.

This clown couldn't match the talking robot of 2 years ago but she held several local kids enthralled.

For steep vineyards I guess.

I didn't know this existed. I bet it's called a bucket-claw or loader-thumb. This could make short work of several brush/blackberry zones around the farm.


Milkshake said...

The best thing about goats is goat milk. Which makes goat cheese. mmmm.

revphil said...

Either i am illiterate or maybe i dont read 6 yr old.

can someone TYPE out the reasons for having a goat?