Saturday, August 08, 2009

Twilight Criterium

I had an awesome time at the Twilight Criterium. A lot of old friends were there and I was too busy socializing to take any pictures so I handed my Nikon off to Dabby. He took around 250 shots and they almost all looked like this:

Pretty realistic. The pace was so fast it was hard to watch.

I like this shot of Magnum going by.

Molly was involved in a crash that looked worse than it was. Everyone walked away. Molly must have been given a free lap as she was back up with the leaders within a few laps. Tough.

Smellen shows Dabby how she really feels.

Big and little but we both love Brooklyn.

An excellent crepe. Fig, chevre and honey, it really hit the spot. The cart zone at 12th and Hawthorne was super busy well after midnight.

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josh m said...

None of my pictures even turned out that well. There are some cool ones of you guys all clear and then the blurred colours of the racers going by, but otherwise, that's all it is.