Friday, April 06, 2007

Chaos on the court

Here are some photos from Brian's birthday/polo night on Wednesday. I'll add desciptions and stories later, right now I've got to put the brakes back on my IF and go meet the rest of Team Wreck (in this case just Mary Lou and Dabby) for an excursion to the hinterland.

These guys were cool, the one on the right said his name was Ghetto Ghost. I didn't get a name for the dude on the left but I like his style. Notice he's decked out in Budweiser gear but drinking Tecate. I guess Tecate is like the Budweiser of Mexico...maybe it's a subtle commentary on the effects of NAFTA.

Happy Birthday Brian

Dabby knows how to have a good time.

Don't ride too close to these two, they'll take you out.

Heather took this one

Heather took this one of Chakra, Erica and Bjorn.

I took a bunch of long exposure shots, none of them turned out great but these are two of my favorites.

Heather took this one of us.

Bjorn and Dabby got into a fight. It was short and ugly, nobody got hurt but Dabby's glasses were mangled. Please note I took pictures instead of interceding only because I could see that Ringer, C Murder and Jerry had the situation well in hand.

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