Sunday, April 22, 2007

What does it mean to be part of Team WRECK?

So Team WRECK didn't make it to the Mudslinger yesterday. Teammates offered various answers when asked if they would participate. Let's run them down.

Cowboy Mike : No

Dabby : Sure, but didn't have money for race fees or gas and he has a sprained ankle. He was showing off, trying to skid on my bag at the stoop and he grabbed the wrong brake lever. Ha ha.

Beefa aka El Torque : No
*note that Baby Beefa is displayed here. I found her more pleasant to look at.

Mary Lou : In Seattle with Tall Joe

T-Bone : working

Mace : In Hood River, plus his bike is too heavy

Timmy : In Canada for a polo tournament

There are some decent excuses up there but when it really comes down to it being a member of Team WRECK hinges on PARTICIPATION. I guess I must have overestimated my persuasive skills, (aka nagging) so now I am proposing a new concept : Sponsorship (aka bribery). Yes, that's right, I am so determined to be a directeur sportif that I am digging deep into my own pockets.
Here's the deal, the next two races I have targeted are the Falls City Firecracker and the NWSSC/Test of Endurance. Anyone showing up for either gets gas money for free, plus I'll kick in $10 towards the race fee. If you show up and start both races (no pulling a "brue") you get a full custom team jersey or t-shirt. These will only be available to teammates, just like the Stumptown t-shirts.
So here's your chance to experience something difficult and rewarding, and ride beautiful trails that are only open once a year. Sure you could sleep until 10:30, then amble down to Alberta park to drink beer and listen to the same old stories over and over again, or you could be out in the woods creating exciting new stories to tell next Sunday. As you struggle with this choice I want you to think about one of the founding members of Team WRECK. He helped bring us the championship in the first Westside polo tournament.

WWDDD. What would Dr. Doom do? He would race. He would ride hard and have fun and would be widely considered to be a badass.

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Rebecca said...

Nice rant! Very well written and quite persuasive.