Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Rickreall Open

The Rickreall Open is officially under way. Well, at least Jaden and I are partying and more people are expected tomorrow. Unless Dee and Claire show up tonight, I haven't heard from them.
I have heard from the group leaving Friday at 1pm. Led by Disco, Beefa and Dabby, they have requested I procure for them $60 worth of cold beer and "food". I hope they save some of their money for poker as Jaden brought his new chip set that he picked up in Vegas. It's got a lock and he keeps the key tied to his belt loop. What a hustler.
I'm expecting the Polo Haus crew and the Yamhill crew to arrive Saturday afternoon. I hope they hurry as I want to get a few competitions out of the way.
If you're coming remember a flashlight and some mosquito repellent might be a good idea too, especially if you're sleeping without a tent.

The Rickreall Open : July 13-15
This will be the fourth Open and I plan to make it the best yet. Please bring a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, flashlight, food and drink or $$, a bike and a positive, wining attitude.
Events this year may or may not include bocce ball, bird watching, grass flat track, Uhaul Futsol, Red Ryder marksmanship, match sprints through the woods, fire jumping, speed scrabble, home run derby, wine tasting, storytelling, ditch style, poker, uphill TT, bird watching, etc. Points will be tallied and prizes given out Sunday afternoon. Anyone who rides down instead of driving gets 100 points right off the bat.

Here are two routes I've planned out that avoid Highway 99 for the most part.

The West valley route starts from the Hillsboro Max station and meanders on some beautiful country roads. It's an easy route apart from two short climbs and a few miles of gravel at the end.

The East valley route leaves town on 99, then follows the Willamette, crossing at the historic Wheatland ferry (free for bikes). It concludes with the steep but short ascent of Eagle Crest (L'Alpe d'Huez of Eastern Polk County), then a screaming descent straight down to the farm.

Here are pictures from 2005 and 2006

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