Saturday, October 20, 2007

A guest post by Rev. Phil

Rev. Phil likes to type and I'm a little tired so here's a special guest post. Pictures will be added when Dabby finds the binder clip he needs to run his laptop. RK

Hello biker fans. We are all still alive and kicking each other in the
gorgeous state of Colorado.

This has been my first try at mtbiking and I would say that it was
pretty advanced. We have all been licking various wounds and tonight
we will party with all our new friends that have come to Durango this
weekend. But more importantly, we will wake tomorrow with a sense of
purpose as to yet unparalleled.

Bike Polo, my friend. It is upon us like a foam-dome hat at NASCAR.
And we shall revel in it. It is the 4th annual Pologeist. They have
been playing for sometime, but few of them have ever played outside
the Rockies. We are counting on that inexperience, because frankly
none of us can keep from being winded when we really push ourselves.

Our elevation is over seven THOUSAND feet. So I hope we have
ack-la-mated enough to prevail tomorrow.

Last night we watched two impressive bike movies by John Bailey. I
have seen lots of bike movies, and these were pretty slick. "Devo" was
about 37 min and follows the youth mt biking squad from Durango, and
"Mallethead" is a documentary of the characters playing polo here.

then who knows, maybe Grand Canyon? We already saw where Evil Knevil
failed to make it across the Snake River via Rocket Car. Anything less
dangerous would not be Team WRECK.

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