Sunday, October 14, 2007

I took this picture a few weeks ago, right before it started raining. Not a bad harvest for late fall. The purple tomatoes were especially delicious. The round seeds in the bottom bowl are coriander. I get tons of volunteer cliantro every year but I never knew the seeds were called coriander. I roasted them in cast iron, ground them with a mortar and pestle and used them to encrust a nice coho salmon steak.
Not pictured are the incredibly hot jalepenos that I just picked. It was a tiny plant over in the corner and shaded by tomatoes. It didn't get much water and maybe that concentrated the flavor.
I grow lemon cucumbers every year. They remind me of my grandmother Barbara, she always grew them in her garden. We would cut them into wedges, sprinkle them with salt and have them on the side of our tuna and pickle sandwiches while we watched horse racing or football. Good times.

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