Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 24 Hour Alleycat

So Team WRECK/Murder was going strong in the 24 hour alleycat until we started to fade around 1AM. In the immortal words of Bart and Lisa, "It was hard so we quit". It was a lot of fun, the bits we did. Damien put a lot of work into that manifest. 137 questions and all of them intertwined. If I can find a scanned in copy somewhere I'll link to it. I didn't make it to the Florida room for the finish and I'm glad. I heard there was some drama and a questionable decision on who won. Here's my 2 cents : At the start I clearly heard the race organizer announce that the race would finish at 4:07 PM on the dot and anyone coming in after 4:07PM will be disqualified and could not win. Team Haus finished at 4:15PM and managed to talk their way into a coin flip with Team Hazel/Grizzly to determine the winner. That's bullshit. Rules are rules, as Dabby would say "black and white, black and white". I'm just glad we weren't the second place team because it would have been ugly. OK... /rantmode

Anyway, other than the finsh it seems the race was a great success and I look forward to Damien's next offering.

Oh, and I'd like to give a shout out to Disco and Drew, who pacelined with me on the 9:30PM downtown to St. John's connection. That was an intense 26 minutes.

Here are a few photos from halfway through this thing.

Grasshopper and Lucky Pierre, representing Team Haus. They are the Floyd Landis of alleycat racing. Champions or cheaters? History will decide.

Look, we're at a party.

Team WRECK/Murder at the 10pm checkpoint.

On the dot.

The shocker...crass.

At the 9:30pm checkpoint.

Here is our house built out of 7 one dollar bills.

On a steel horse he rides, cause he's wanted, wanted, dead or alive.

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D Riehl said...

Yeah, I was thinking about putting that list up, but if I decide to use any of the concepts next year I don't want it to turn into a study guide of sorts. That last minute drama was lame. Last thing I needed to happen, but here's the breakdown. There were at least two, if not a few others, who went back to grab their bags and label them properly. They went unchecked and nobody kept track of who it was. Since that's what Haus was up to in the front of the bar, I kinda had to allow them to finish too. A very lucky, and difficult technicality. They are now my poster children for how to lose the next hunt. Yeah, they both know better.