Thursday, June 14, 2007

schedule changes

The Rickreall Open has been moved up one week to July 13-15. Mostly to avoid a conflict with Messman's polo tournament the following weekend and also so Beefa (champion of the inaugural Open) can attend. Beefa and Disco are leading a crew that is riding down around noon on Friday. I'll post the meeting place when I find out. Knowing Disco the pace will be relaxed and the route will include stops at a few wineries.

Also please note the Mckenzie River trip scheduled for June 22 has been postponed. In a moment of weakness I let C. Murder talk me into being his team mate for some stupid 24 hour alleycat. Don't even bother registering because Team WRECK/Murder has the grand prize pretty much locked down. You would just be wasting your time.

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Eileen said...

Great work.