Tuesday, June 12, 2007

photographic evidence

Inspired by Dabby, here are some recent photos :

This is what Team WRECK is all about.

Dabby almost made it but the dog was in the way.

Still life featuring Dabby's heat rash, victorian ankle brace and some beef jerky I gave him out of pity.

Natty cooling off her feet in Stebbins Creek.

Lucky taking a picture of a butterfly.

I made it up this switchback for the first time ever, with a little sideways bunny hop move in the middle. Personal Record!

The garden is growing rapidly. I'm very happy with the seeds I got from Baker Creek

My nascent vineyard. The posts are cherry trees that were knocked down by the latest oak to fall in the woods. At nine feet long they were too heavy to carry and too big to fit on the cart so I tied a slip knot into one of Jaden's ropes and drug them out, digging a furrow across the lawn.

Interlaklen table grapes, courtesy of B&K. I helped them plant about 70 over at their place.

One of my posts is trying to become a tree again. I hope it succeeds.

I'm not sure what these plants are but they look good together, my mom had a real flair for garden design.


filbert said...

Indeed she did! Those are Eremerus, or Foxtail Lily.

dee said...

Aww she beat me to it. Snell at Avalon Flowers says he'd be happy to ID any other you might have. Just bring him a picture or something.