Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Draft Day!

*Warning. Don't bother reading this post unless you are a big Trailblazers fan. This one is pretty much just for my blazers buddies.*

Tomorrow is the NBA drft and my beloved Trailblazers will pick either

Greg Oden

or Kevin Durant

I've had a lot of time on my hands lately and have read a lot of opinion on who we should pick. Most of it says Oden, he is the safe pick, the defensive anchor and by all accounts a genuinely nice, personable guy. Durant is more of a gamble but if he reaches his potential he could be incredible. He's got so many beautiful offensive moves and he seems to have that Jordanesque will to win, he described himself as an assasin who lives to play basketball. Oden wanted to be a dentist. Anyway, I trust Kevin Pritchard to do the right thing. I expect a few trades on draft day and probably another mid range lottery pick.

I'd be totally happy with either of these scenarios:

1. Draft Kevin Durant, trade Zach and Jack for a mid range pick and cap fodder then select Joakim Noah. I know a lot of people can't stand him with the hair and the screaming and everything but I think he would be a good fit. He plays Team D, doesn't need the ball, is a good passer and can run the floor. Then make LMA and Sergio starters and sign Steve Blake (who just bought a house in West Linn btw) to the mid level exception.

Starting linup:

Noah / Ghostface Pryzbilla
LaMarcus Aldridge / T. "Trout" Outlaw / Raef
Kevin Durant / Ime Udoka / Martell
B. Roy / Martell
Sergio / S. Blake

2. Draft Greg Oden, trade Zach and Jack for a high pick and cap fodder then draft Corey Brewer or Jeff Green. If we don't draft Durant we'll need someone to shut him down, because he's going to be pissed and we'll play him a lot if he goes to Seattle. Once again, sign Steve Blake and make LMA and Sergio starters.


Oden / Pryzbilla
LMA / Trout
Corey Brewer / Ime / Martell
B. Roy / Martell
Sergio / Blake

In either scenario I would move Zach Randolph and Jarret Jack. Though I like both players a lot I don't think they fit the uptempo game that B. Roy, LMA and Sergio are suited to and I think that is where the team and the NBA are headed. Zach has been truly impressive in his recovery from microfracture surgery and I love his work ethic. I remember watching him play for Michigan State and thinking "wow, he's trying really hard, I hope the Blazers draft him", and they did. Thank you Bob Whitsett. He gets an amazing number of points and rebounds for being 6'9" with a 2 inch vertical. But...he needs the ball to be effective and so do B. Roy, LMA and whoever we draft, he's not good on D, sometimes walking back, he has gotten a lot better at passing out of the double team but he still throws up a lot of wild, double teamed shots, and he is the last vestige of the Jail Blazers (well, except for D. Miles). I think Jack will be a good player in the L but I think he is suited for a half court game and I think it will be Sergio's team soon. Both players should have decent trade value and I could see several teams giving up a 4-9 pick, a role player and an expiring contract for them. KP also has four second round picks that I expect he will trade or pick Europeans and leave them there. Wow, I'm excited, this is a good time to be a Trailblazers fan. I might even go to the Rose Garden for the draft day party.

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