Friday, May 09, 2008

DeathSail 2008

On the weekend of my birthday I sailed out to Government Island with Spence and Beefa. It took about 4 hours going upstream and 3 coming back.

I thought about pushing Beefa overboard several times, this was one of them. It would have been funny, right? Spence was for it in principle but was afraid of the aftermath.

Under the 205.

Spence was steady at the helm.

Beefa throwing a ball in the upper meadow. We camped up here and played some great rounds of extreme bocce ball.

A tricky lie

We instituted a new rule that if your ball (or the white ball) gets wet you lose a point. It made for some interesting strategies, if you're behind you can throw near the water and hope for a wake.

Coconuts looked lonely after the daysailers had left.

Leaving Government Island.


gabrielamadeus said...

Some asshat ran over our trailer in the parking lot last labor day, but once we get our 18' cat back in the water we should all adventure together. Way to beat us to the early season!

Anonymous said...

turns out i got that monday off by surprise. i could've gone... oh well, next time.