Sunday, May 25, 2008

Westside Invite 8 pt. 4 "Saturday Afternoon"

After the Coffee Cat I helped move the kegs up to the Congress House. At this point I'd like to thank the Widmer Brothers for their generous sponsorship. It's a nice change from PBR and Rockstar 21.

An herb planter at the Congress House.

The new brewing tower as engineered by Thud. I'm still not clear on how it works but I'm sure the results will be delicious.

I made it to the track just in time for the 2nd race : miss and out. I was the first one out, which was fine because I find the track terrifying.

Thud cooling down.
Sharky at Pendelton Park.

Austin claiming his prize from the Coffee Cat.

Lucky Pierre and Thud engineering the Beer Bungie.

Mattchew on the Beer Bungie.

Rob's technique of run, lunge, grab, drink should win some style points.

Chas was tempted with cash money.

Sweet T is still teamate #1 until someone gets a bigger tattoo.

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