Saturday, May 24, 2008

Westside Invite 8 pt. 3 "The Coffee Cat"

Sharky, hydrating before the start of the Coffee Cat. He was going for an unprecedented 3rd victory. I hear he averages 6 cups per hour in an ordinary day so this should be no big deal for him.

Fox, expressing confidence before the start. He really likes coffee.

Todd D. Danger the "mastermind" behind the Coffee Cat.

At the start.

Will took off so fast that he forgot his helmet.

Austin got a slow start and then got lost but look for him in the main race, he's sure to be a contender.

Boston had trouble with his first cup, not a good sign.

Sharky coming in hot to the finish.

He had to add cream.

Sharky savoring his final cup.

He had to take a moment by the dumpsters.

Matt had to spange for his final cup.

That could be a Stumptown ad right there. I love the Coach hat.

Will and Fox coming in hot. They were racing from the Half and Half and they raced all the way to the air pot, and all for 4th and 5th place.

This is my favorite photo of the day. For a split second I thought Will was going to go through the window.

You can zoom in on Emily's list to see the results.

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