Friday, August 29, 2008

Deathmarch tomorrow!

OK, the big Mackenzie River trip is on for tomorrow. The meeting place has changed to the Mill House, still 9:30am.
It looks like 3 vehicles, 3 dogs, at least 12 bikes and verbal commitments from me, Dabby, Mason, Dylan from Seattle, J-Bone and GF, Mace, Jefe, Peaches, Tiger Tom, Boston, Tiah, Cory the Kid and Tad the Champ. A solid krewe and it should be a lot of fun.

Update! Beefa is now on board so it's an official Deathmarch. That also puts us at (or over) capacity so if your name isn't on the list you better bring your own vehicle.

And please think a happy thought for team mate Drew aka Sweet T. He's flying the Team WRECK colors at NACCC Chicago this weekend.


the-dolomite said...
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Tiah said...

we went we rode we didn't bow hunt. huzzah! good times,yo!
(Mason always calls me Sweet T though so why is Drew also called this? I hope he represented well in Chi-caw-go)

Cory said...

team WRECK is comprised of a crack team of die hard individuals who refuse to take no as an answer, take no prisoners, always do the right thing, laugh in the face of danger, charge full speed ahead (jammin'),keep the rubber side down, consistently buy more beer than is needed, take mad bong hits, bicker, argue, fight, make fun of each other, make fun of Dabby, ride EXTRA miles... and do it all with a fucking SMILE in the end. anything else?

The quad squad said...

Cory there is nothing left to be said. except that was a awsome fuckin ride. In the words of R Kelly : "Its not a death march untill you feel like dying"

the-dolomite said...

I remember that quote as "It isn't a Deathmarch until you realize you might actually die" but either way it works.
Tiah, I can't tell you why Drew is named Sweet T because this is a "family" website but next time I see you in person I'll tell you the story.