Monday, August 25, 2008

Cyclocross comes to Rickreall

I just spoke with Tad the Champ and it's almost entirely official that I will be hosting the Veloshop Cyclocross Race on Saturday, September 27. I'm pretty excited. Tad expects 200 to 300 racers which will be fun and crazy, will beat the trail into submission and will generate some cash flow that I will put towards a ticket to CMWC Tokyo for the winner of the next Rickreall Open.
I'll need some help between now and then planning the route, improving trails and cutting a few new ones, building berms and maybe even renting a backhoe to create a few hills and pits. I'll most likely be having work parties September 13-14 and 20-21 so if you enjoy moving dirt or cutting through blackberries with a machete then please attend. If possible bring your own shovel/rake/machete/clippers/chainsaw/ bobcat/ trackhoe/dumptruck.
Also please help me think of a better name than Veloshop Cross Race. My first thought was Rickreall Rampage but that's pretty weak. I'm sure you can do better. Leave your entry in the comments and the best (as judged by an inedpendent panel) gets a free t-shirt when the next batch is printed.


John said...

I think we need to integrate the ditch into the course.

Count me in on the work parties.....

I can work the hell out of a hoe.

By the way, I would keep the Velo Shop name out of it.. We are Team Wreck after all, and over any...

Mud branch Melee?

Team Wreck Presents "The Rumble In RIckreall"?

John said...


I was wondering where all these people are going to park?

the-dolomite said...

I figure we'll fit some cars facing north between the driveway and the orchard. The rest can park on the north side of the orchard near the old barn.

mace said...

IM thinking Junko and i come with a plan towards making food. People will be hungry, maybe you need us to cater. i can imagine it now....
It would be fun to help. The course needs to be more of a challenge, you know that more than i of course.
A sand pit possibly? Water, a pond, do they have ladders in cross?

John said...

It will be more like 500 people if you count the friends and spouses of racers, kids, and random looky loo's.

I will come help and support, maybe I can hook a ride down with someone on Friday before? Or even sooner.

tiah said...

i think veloshop has to run the race though so most likely that name will still be used to advertise. maybe it can be like Veloshop presents....and then whatever the title is. Rickreal Ramapage is fitting for the sort of name the cross races have(i.e. the Cross Crusade, or Kruger's Kermisse-yeah yeah i know, a kermisse isn't a cross race). other suggestions:
Dolomite Challenge,the
Wreckreall Wruin (or ruin or some other thing added after wreckreall)
wreackreall warrior challenge
the r.kelley blingbling special
the dolomite dirt fest

its awesome that you're willing to do this Ryan!

justin said...

Rickreal Rallycross
Bible Belt Blastacross
Rickreal Wreckathon

the-dolomite said...

Mace & Junko : I would love to have you guys cater. I was thinking of luring a taco truck from Salem but healthy Japanese food would be even better.

Dabby : Calm down about the parking and logistics. It will all work out. I happen to know that Tad is pretty good at planning things.

Chris Angel said...

MIND FREAK !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan i thought cyclo cross was outlawed in rickreall so i think you should have something to do with being outlawed in rickreal cross race or something i dont know all i know is i will be there the 20-21st to help im bringing katie to help as well viva la rickreall

the-dolomite said...

So I guess
I win my own contest. Sorry!