Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The return of Conpirasteve!

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The new Ace and Larry

I was rather taken aback the other day by Mr. Hannity's (of faux news fame) assertion that, and I quote " The American military is the greatest force for peace that the world has ever known!" ................Lets let that sink in for a bit shall we?...........Are you my dear reader done? No? OK we shall wait..... mmm, oh yeah, that smell of plagiarism can only be culled from one the worlds most astute examiners of world history. George Orwell... You remember the book he penned, do you not ? 1984? ahhh yes the foul stench of totalitarianism and everything it implies. Good stuff, good stuff.. War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Fixed gears save Lives. So on and so forth.

So as I was getting my daily "two minutes hate
", I put forth the question to myself : What does the GOP really want? I mean, besides the full control of the presidency, the congress, and the judiciary. It dawned on me, America IS Europa and radical Islam IS Eastasia! The GOP needs radical Islam to survive as a party!! Crap! it's so simple, yet so obvious!

AHH, dear readers. You want more do you not? I will not insult Dawhite's readership by expounding on the newest and most brilliant political theory I have had this week ,without further diving into the most unholy regions of my brain/ liquor cabinet. So I am off. For now! the Quickie Mart....

Stay tuned dear readers


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