Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Annex pt. 1

The Annex Work Party : Phase One was a resounding success. Many thanks to Jaden, Dabby, Wheelie Guy, Mace, Sweet T, Milkshake, Tiahdactyl, Ringer, Timmy and the Kid.

The first scoop.

Timmy looking for arrowheads.

Jaden and Dabby experienced some ill communication at first but eventually learned to work together.

Sweet T was ripping it up.

The Kid and the CR.

Big Silver II and Mace on a beautiful sunny day.


Cory said...

great shot of sweet t! what, the kid gets no thanks? just kiddin, i didn't do much...

the-dolomite said...

Sorry, I fixed it.
Did you get any pictures when you climbed that tree?

josh m said...

shit, i thought this was next weekend.
eh, my trailer was filled up with stuff on highground from the almost flood the otherweek, anyway.
Next time.