Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hewing closely to my promise of daily posts here are some random links!

This cracked me up :
Tom Waits interviews himself.

Vaguely interesting history of Polk County including this nugget :
In 1860 there were twelve Post Offices in Polk County. There were offices at Bridgeport, Dallas, Etna, Independence, Luckiamute, Law Arbor, Monmouth, Plum Valley, Salt Creek, and Valfontis. Location of some of these sites is now obscure.

Etna was in existence about 12 years about four miles north of Rickreall.
That would put Etna somewhere close to Farmer Rd. I wonder where it was and if there is anything left.
I also learned that Rickreall Creek was originally called the LaCreole River and Dallas was once known as Cynthia Ann.

We should look into this for the next Open...
"Claudia is also available to rent and she migrates throughout the state to spawn interest and learning."

Which led me to the Willamette Water Trail and some cool maps. I didn't know that there are so many islands in the Willamette and that you can camp on most of them. Even if we don't pull the Deathbarge idea off in it's entirety the next time I get to plan a major TW outing it's going to be a multi day trip in kayaks or canoes. Maybe from Corvallis to Independence.

A sick dunk by B-Rex. I like how excited the bench gets and the slo-mo at the end.


mace said...

I love Tom Waits! What a great interview.
I think island camping on the willamette or columbia is a great idea.

filbert said...

Etna is indeed nearby. There's still a cemetery there.

tiahdactyl said...

i also love tom waits and enjoyed his interview of himself. thanks for posting it ryan. i got to see him perform in eugene in 1999 and it was hands down the cest show i've been to.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiah, iwas at that show! It was magical! Hey put one of the best shows ever.

eatme said...

hey anonymous mace...ok, it was one of the best shows ever! :D
well it was really really good. he's in my top 5. i think he's in my top 2 really so you know even if he just sat there beatinga coffee can with a wooden spoon and made up impromptu songs i'd've dug it. thats what love does to people...