Monday, January 26, 2009


Loretta Rock with her daughter, Mia Fay Rock.

I dropped the new Land Cruiser, Big Silver II, off at Paul's Automotive in Independence this morning. I picked Paul out of the phone book, mostly on his "since 19XX" claim ( I don't remember the year but it seemed like a long time) and I have a good feeling about my choice so far.
Choosing a mechanic sometimes seems like choosing a new physician or even psychologist and in this case Paul didn't let me down. He kept me waiting while he concluded a deal for a transmission which gave me the opportunity to peruse the office. 20 years of plaques for first place in the county truck pull, numerous pictures of 4x4s in impossible situations, a few of dudes holding fish or elk heads. One thing that caught my eye was an Oregon Gazetteer that was more worn than mine, which is held together by tape. We didn't talk about the land cruiser at all until the last 2 minutes. We talked about Fanno Ridge and Valsetz (he used to fish at the lake until it was drained), we talked about the Valley of the Giants, "You have to go." He asked me where I lived and I told him. He mentioned someone he knew who owned some land nearby but I didn't know the name. I mentioned I was with the Farmers, Bill and Bob and he said he may have fixed something for them once. His elderly father shuffled through and we talked for a while about the weather, the temperature this morning (25 degrees) and what else we could burn in the woodstove. He allowed as he might be able to take a look at my land cruiser but it might take a few days. I rode my bike home, fighting a cold headwind but still having a great ride. Just south of Ray Steele's place on S. Greenwood Rd. the trees were full of red winged blackbirds. Their songs sped me on my way, sounding like a swift sream rushing over rounded stones.

terra preta nova
An interesting article about dirt.

The next Annex weekend will include a stop at the state fairgrounds.


Cory said...

excellent post!

eatme said...

i second cory's opinion-that was an excellent post. and that little baby is cute! almost as cute as my friend's baby...ohmygod, who is really cute. anyhow, i hope the landcruiser gets all fixed up.

filbert said...

Terra preta nova, eh? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

holy shit it is ramblin rod!