Thursday, February 26, 2009

Capsule Reviews

"You're a very nosy fella, kittycat. You know what happens to nosy fellas?"
I hadn't seen this since I was a kid and it was on KPTV 12. Quite a film, great pacing, great acting, young Jack was true lion.

The Knux
Cousin Ella sent me their debut CD for Xmas and I hated it at first. But I kept trying and it's growing on me big time. I was trying to work up a description and I came up with Outkast plus the Flaming Lips with a dash of Modest Mouse played way too loud through torn speaker cones.
Then I read this on their website.
"Their debut album sounds like Outkast, Juvenile, Tha Pharcyde, and The Strokes concurrently blasting, out of a drop-top Jag on Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night in the summer. Wrap your head around that."
Either way it's an interesting record.

Top Chef
I'm just glad Stefan didn't win, what a dick.

Google Flu Trends

Watch out CDC.

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