Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DM Winter 09 pt. 3

Mace ready to pack out.

Bjorn's sled system was dialed in.

Sweet T and his sled.

Mace took these.

Sweet T's dad, Pappy. He came up from Yakima with his two Shelties, bringing us burritos, wood and beer.

Rev. Phil rocking the short shorts.

On the porch.
Don't listen to him Milkshake.

Beefa and his guitar. In between Cure covers we made some progress on "Team Wreck : A Rock Opera", fleshing out three tracks, "The Death March is the Hardest March of All", "The Con Jamble Scramble" and " The Ballad of Frank Castle".

1 comment:

tiahdactyl said...

"The DeathMarch its the hardest march of your life!"

im glad they finally got over that vampire song. hehehe