Sunday, February 22, 2009

DM Winter 09 pt.1

We met at the Polo Haus and checked out the new micro pump track.

Sweet T, mastermind of the micro pump.

It was a beautiful drive, up the gorge to Biggs and then North through the Yakima and Natches valleys.

In Biggs. A quality store but no corndogs.

Our destination, the American Ridge Lodge.

The old ski slope is in the background.

Milkshake had good form on the sled.


tiahdactyl said...

that one of milkshake on the sled with his hands up made me lol in the computer lab.

filbert said...

I like the way the picture of you looks like you have a neon right ear and an antenna on the left. Way to stay connected!

revphil said...

team beard wins by a (shit ton of) hair.