Monday, September 03, 2007

Westside Update 4

Today was all about polo. Dabby had my camera for much of the day and between us we took 400 pictures. Here are a few that caught my eye. I'll post more as I sort through them.
Peter bailing out.

Gary and Irving, two masters of the controlled skid.


Drew triumphant.

Ah, the glory.
Seems like it's becoming tradition for the losing team to wrestle the winning team down and douse them in beer. Maybe it's a Seattle thing.

Messman's bike snapped during the finals. As Joel said "That's what you get for attaching a disc brake to a beer can"

All hail the Lord C-Murder.

Bjorn got his foot caught in the wheel. Ouch.

Bjorn bent this seatstay with his foot.

Dabby goes down.


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Team Hat trixxx said...

As a life time member of team wreck i have to give props for all of the fine finished put down by my fellow team members this weekend Lets go team wreck