Sunday, September 02, 2007

Westside Update 3

The finale of footdown round 2.

Lucky Pierre and Wheelie Guy getting ready for the Slow Race.

The start of the TagTeam Alleycat.

Chas at the Polo Haus limbo stop.

Sharky doing the limbo.

It's it's a good thing we don't test for steroids at messenger races. Just kidding, I know that Sharky is clean. He stays fit by the force of pure worry.

Mason was just too tall.

That's better.

What a curse to be tall. It took Augie a few tries to make it under the bar.

Yeah, Chicago!

Kenichi lengthening his dropouts with a hacksaw and file.

Drew and his fork.

Puppy dog!

This guy got bonus points for crashing through the limbo.

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