Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Photos

I found my card reader so here are some photos from Disco and Matty's wedding. I didn't take any of these, I handed off my cameras to Jaden and Dabby and they took a bunch of good shots. I'll post some more later.

This old sequoia loomed over the Flavel House in Astoria.

Beefa, Dabby, Belvis and I were ushers. We handed out programs and helped the grandmas to their seats.

Junko, Mace and Shino arrive from their journey up the coast.

Jaden schmoozes the ring bearers.

Dabby was enthusiastic about his tie, I'm not so sure.

El Jefe and Claire.

Look at those straight teeth. Money well spent.

Beefa looks for any excuse to wear a leather trenchcoat.

It doesn't get much more rock and roll than this.

Some townies crashed the wedding.

What a handsome couple.

I wasn't sure about the choice of ring bearer but Charlie came through.

Moonie was somewhat less well behaved.

Mace looks for an angle while Natalie reads poetry.

Some dudes.

The happy couple.

The lovely bride.

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