Sunday, September 09, 2007

weekend wrapup

If you took any good photos of the Westside Invite be sure to submit them to the Flickr Group.

Natasha and Sofia on the way to play frisbee golf with the polo haus crew. I was +16 when I stopped keeping track but I still had a good time. My frisbee throwing muscles are a little sore today though, and I really have to practice that forehand throw.

We made it to the 'Poose on Sunday. Timmy, Dabby, Sweet T. and Natasha. No corndogs once again. Sweet T. had a feeling about the Handy Food Mart behind Montgomery park but it was a wash. We're beginning to realize that on Sunday mornings it's pretty hard to find a corndog, much less a decent one. That's why Brown's camp is always such a good destination. That little store outside of Timber has the best corndogs in the region, in my humble opinion. I'm sure they sell a lot of them to all those ATVers going up highway 6.

Timmy spotted this ant nest (or is it hive?). I've seen them made out of dirt but never pine needles. Creepy.

Dabby broke a branch off a pine tree with his eyeball. Where are your safety glasses?

Dabby wanted me to take a pic so he could see how it looked. I don't see much of a difference.

Timmy won this Castelli skinsuit for getting second in the tag team alleycat. I offered to pay part of his race fees for the cross season if he would print Team WRECK across the stomach and the back of the legs. We'll see if he goes for it.

Here's Timmy hitting a little gap. I didn't get the correct perspective on it. It's scarier than he made it look.

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