Sunday, September 02, 2007

Westside Update 2

I didn't notice this until I left polo today. I suspect Magnum had some involvement.

Dabby and the hooch bungie. The So Pathetic Brewclub sponsored us with a malt liquor concoction featuring 10 pounds of carrots, ginger, orange juice concentrate and maybe some pineapple. I really enjoyed mine. I heard it described as organic Sparks but I think it was much better, sort of a ginger-citrus iced tea with a lingering earthy aftertaste. Plus anything in Grolsch bottles just tastes classy.

We're all friends until the foot down starts.

The lovely S. Murder, champion of pretty much everything. Has she won more titles than Yvonne Kraft yet?

Dee crosses it up.

Messman gives Tom the shoulder.

It was an all Mancos final featuring Doom vs. Bailey.

I like Bailey's style. He could be Team WRECK material.

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