Sunday, October 05, 2008


Doom writes in :

what's up just checked out the team wreck page 
so sweet the course looks so killer!
well i just want to know if you will be gracing us with your presence this year for the rally???
it's going to be off the hook
and i really hope you can make it out
so as always i miss you all so much 
seeing those pictures of everyone, damn such a great crew...................
bring people!!!
also i'm very seriuosly considering coming out for the single speed cross worlds
hells yeah


Anonymous said...

Doom please come and ill try to make it to your rally and kick your ass at grass polo. "TEAM WRECK" Sweet-t

the-dolomite said...

I ruled out another trip to Colorado early on....but now I'm was so fun last year, I have the time, money and vehicle, why not?

Anyone interested in going? You would need about 9 days, $$ for gas and an aptitude for semi-extreme mountain biking.

Let me know if you want to sign on. I'm thinking Oct. 19-28, meeting Rev. Phil's bikeporn crew on the 21st in Moab.

revphil said...

fuck yea, i just talked to one of doom's friends in Moab she is putting us up and has lots of space.

I can think of a couple ladies that might make the trip...