Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Veloshop Rickreall Rampage pt.6

I like these three shots of Bridget, who won the Women's A race. Look how she's back on the bike by the middle of the bridge,

dropping in smoothly,

and already applying the power as she hits the flat. Textbook.

The two routes through the polo court worked out well. I was hoping it would be cold and wet and we could have a giant bonfire but the weather turned out hot and dusty.

I think that's Jennifer behind the sunglasses. If so, she helped with the trails, swinging a mean machete.

Tiahdactyl navigates makeout clearing. I think that's Megan behind her, who was part of Project Underpass.

Drew reported that Timmy rode the RWD each lap and finished with a wheelie drop each time.

This guy was smooth over the RWD

I saw several crashes but this was the only one  I captured on film.

Baby Beefa challenged Tiahdactyl to a game of "pawns"


Beefa said...

That racer WRECKING works at the bike gallery. Super nice cat. Oh and Tiadactal (sp?) Baby Beefa wants a rematch. Your goin down Boo Yaah

Tiah said...

Baby Beefa was a little bit of a poor sport, overturning all the "pawns" when things weren't looking good for her. I'm not sure if I accept her rematch challenge. haha!
Tell her if she promises to not make me walk her to the pond 4 times I will consider it...(and Ryan, are there any fish in that pond?)
oh,and i think its Tiahdactyl, spelling wise. I may not get to pick my nickname but by jove I can at least declare the spelling!

the-dolomite said...

I'm glad you accept the nickname. I still can't believe you thought we would forget/not find it funny the next day, it's perfect, especially if you work in the "Rahhrr!" with your arms outspread! Embrace it!

To address your fish question...who knows? Ask me in a few months when the vegetation dies off. The last count I did in the spring was 11 goldfish, 3 koi, one huge bullfrog and one salamander (or newt, I don't know the difference) with an orange belly.