Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wood party

With the onset of fall I felt a need to replenish the woodshed. I invited some friends down, Dabby, Disco and the Ringer. They helped me split and move 3 truckloads of seasoned oak.

I let Jaden drive the Blue Honey.

His first time in reverse. 

We got tired of stacking wood and decided to add to the skills course in the annex.

The Ringer at work.

Dabby on a test ride.


John said...

I was worried about the teeter at first, thinking it was to short. When I rode it at a speed one time, I actualy had to wheelie off the end, while the wod was pointing up.

Now I think I like the fact that it is barely longer than a bike. It makes it harder, and makes the balancing act, as shown by the photo above, and the condition of Ryan's knee, more interesting.

I actualy wanted to make it higher, but I think we found the perfect angle. It could maybe be a little lower, but that would make it too easy.

John said...

Sorry about the spelling errors.